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Jamie Oldham - Landscape Artist Cumbria UK  - 230524 - 63.jpg

Studio paintings

These are some of my recent studio paintings since moving near to the Solway Coast in Cumbria. The coastal landscape has had a deep impact on me. It can have such dramatic skies and sea scapes with sometimes a burst of sunlight, (as well as many grey hued days too and a lot of wind). 

I'm working in a range of media, but mainly cold wax & oil paint which gives me the ability to use  texture over multiple layers, these develop over many days sometimes months.  As each layer dries I have chance to think what the painting needs, also to dig into the painting to reveal colours and textures below. I really like the slowness of these paintings, which is such a different approach to the speed of working with oils plein air where I'm responding to the landscape quickly. The studio paintings are from memory, sketches and photos I've taken, as well as my imagination.

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